Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Before we begin telling you about the Privacy Policy and other policies, we want to let you know that these policies are valid from 25th September 2017. We have already told you who we are with the help of the “About-us” page. Now, it is time for you to understand and policies.

Terms of Use:

You are browsing the content from our website for informational purpose only and the blog owner has the copyright of the content created on this blog. You should view the information at your own/free will/risk. If you don’t meet the terms, you can stop reading the blog right away.

Copyright Policy:

This is important! We maintain the blog with high-quality content (undauntedly). We do this for the sake of our valuable users/visitors so as to provide them with the user-friendly, fresh, up-to-date, unique content. There are data and images shared on this blog which are owned by respective owners and involvement in any kind of copy will lead to severe action against that person.


We, at, use cookies as they help us give users/readers more of what actually they want to know. It also helps maintain good balance when it comes to performance of the website. Also, information that you share on this website is kept safe and is not shared with any third party as we care for your Privacy.


We, at ESarkariJobs, may use several advertisement programs, such as Google AdSense, Infolinks and this is done just to ensure that user get the interested information from our blog as these are the contextual (based on the content) and user-friendly ads. So, if you get any kind of issue from the advertisement company, we will not be held responsible for that.

External Websites:

We use external links for sure on our website and the main purpose behind doing so is to get you to the reliable sources so that we could provide you more information on the subject that you are looking for. So, if you are referred to an external link through our website, we should never be held responsible for the content of the external website.

If you have any question in mind on this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us right away.